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Self storage and RV storage conveniently located in Grass Valley and Lake of the Pines.

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Keep-It Self Storage - Lake of the Pines, CA 10196 Woodridge Dr Auburn, CA 95602 (530) 402-8948
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Lynn Brooke 12/29/20
Recommend: Yes
Conscientious - Safe - Clean
I have rented storage units from a number of different facilities. James at Keep-It Self Storage is knowledgable, conscientious and extremely helpful. I would highlt recommend this facility.

W. Rybicki 11/20/19
Recommend: Yes
Great location super clean and friendly
We stored mother-in-laws items there after she passed away and invited family to meet us there to share her belongings. We visited this unit a lot with lots of family and friends and enjoyed the professionalism. Now a year later, we just cleared it out and had a broken glass that James offered to dispose of for us. He has always gone out of his way to help. We would totally recommend this facility to anyone needing extra storage. Its location is off of the road and tucked into the hillside, I always felt like James would lend a hand if need be. Thank you, James.

Annette Heredia 05/24/19
Recommend: Yes
There Scam Artist!
Do NOT trust the Auburn/LOP Storage facility! I had my precious family items stored there in two units with 54 years of family memories in them! James Auctioned off my things after me paying on them for 14 yrs! He said he tried to contact me the last three months before Auctioning everything off! I have proof he never tried to contact me when he agreed NOT to contact my ABUSER husband! But he NEVER did and refuses to send me any proof, because he's so guilty! Lauren the owner refueses to speak to me! Jeff, the Guy who bought my things already admitted he took one load to the dump in a U-Haul! The rest is under a tarps in his yard. All wet! This storage better get my things back! If I must, I will go to court. This is just so WRONG!

Gayle Davis 10/21/18
Recommend: Yes
Great Management
I have used this storage company for years. My items are secure and safe. My items are secure and safe. James the manager is very personable and helpful.

Erika 11/04/17
Recommend: Yes
Great location and friendly staff
Excellent all around for our storage needs. They are close, flexible and accommodating. Their rates are on par or better than most.

Terry Higbee 10/29/17
Recommend: Yes
James is a great guy very courteous and always asks if you need a hand.
Very convenient location. He keeps it well maintained, He keeps it very clean and easily accessible for his customers. He also keeps a close watch on the entire property, to make sure everything is secure. I would definitely recommend for anyone to use this facility. Thank You!

Tony Spadaro 12/04/15
Recommend: Yes
Great place to store extra stuff. Very convenient location.
James O'Neil is a very conscientious person who cares about this storage facility. He keeps it well maintained, clean and easily accessible for his customers. He also keeps a close watch on the entire property, to make sure everything is secure. James is always there to help if need be and he is very pleasant to talk to. This company should be PROUD to have a responsible caring and professional as James is. Thank You!